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Come back.......

2017-05-03 08:51:38 by Steve28

Now I'm a high school student and I don't have enough time to make music now......

Btw I uploaded 3 songs now, check it out please!

5546150_149381577141_Absorb.jpg  5546150_149381579781_Uncurb.jpg


P.S. Do you like my new profile pic?

First song in 2017 :)

2017-01-15 11:26:23 by Steve28

Tried something different from my other songs, and I think it ended up pretty well...:D

Hope you enjoy!


Last song in Middle school

2016-12-31 04:43:07 by Steve28

I made this song to celebrate(?) my graduation, Which means I'm a High school student now...

Hope you enjoy!



Another song...

2016-08-22 09:12:23 by Steve28

Actually I posted this song 4 days ago, but Forgot to post the news ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ yes, that's all. And I'll be REALLY inactive from now cuz I have too much homeworks and tests to do... sorry for being so inactive...


New song is out!

2016-07-20 11:33:29 by Steve28

Yes. literly. My new song is out now.

Hope you enjoy!!


New song coming soon!!

2016-07-17 03:01:33 by Steve28

Sorry for being inactive for a long time... I was just too busy...(Exam, study, etc...)

Uh, so, my new song is almost done, and I think It'll be uploaded during this week.

Stay determined! XD


- Steve28-


Come back with a classical song.

2016-02-20 11:26:11 by Steve28

Um...I came back.

I just finished my new, and my first classical song named <Rainy day>.

Here is the link :

This was quite hard to make because of logical reasons...(I can't tell you in detail)

Anyway, Hope you enjoy my new submission.


- Steve28 -


P.S. I'm still hard to get ideas...Do you have any suggestions? (Song to remix, Way to get some ideas, etc...)


2016-02-09 01:21:44 by Steve28

I ran out of Idea, both GD and Composing...

(And also I'm a student so I should study...)

So...I dont have both time and idea to make a song...

Sorry again, I'll do my best.




2016-01-19 11:17:31 by Steve28

Finally...Finally I got FL studio and learned how to use (a little)!!!

Now I could make better music than my 2015 submissions.

(Actually, I don't like my last year's submissions too...)


So...Here is my First project with FL studio.

Hope you enjoy it :)

introducing myself...

2015-10-26 11:29:13 by Steve28

Hello! I'm Korean student Steve28. Just call me steve.

Nice to meet you ^^

I love to listen to music, And I wanna be a good composer.


(sorry for my bad english...)